Our goal

to produce 1 billion years of healthy life expectancy by 2050 through smarter nutrition

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.

Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931) 

Linkednutri’s ambition is to provide those who want to take better care of their health with the most advanced

nutritional system on the market, based on the latest scientific findings in the fields of medical nutrition, artificial

intelligence, internet of things and microfluidic dispensing technologies.

Therefore, the core research interest of Linkednutri is to integrate the knowledge in these scientific fields in order to

develop innovative solutions for smart health. Participating in related research consortia has always been one of our

primary goals, as a means to accelerating the development and valorization of these research projects and facilitating

scientific progress in the domain of human health.

Our expertise

Linkednutri’s R&D team is dedicated to developing novel applications and technologies for the future of human well-being with their expertises in four scientific fields : 
Microfluidic dispensing, Nutrition, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of things.



  • Microfluidics: autonomous control systems, micropluidic plastic injection

  • Mechanical design: 3D models, 3D printing, prototyping, machining & plastic injection, integration & ergonomy

  • Programming: microcontrollers, PCB design, User Interface, IoT, web design, machine learning

  • Electronics: embedded systems, sensor integration

  • Biochemistry/nutrition: formulation optimisation and developpement, biofortiffication, functional studies

  • E-health : Big data, Decision support systems, nutritional profile clustering, deep learning,…


In parallel, Linkednutri's mission is to enhance the technological transfer of microfluidic innovations from research laboratories to the market with his industrial competence: 



  • Ecosystem of digital health and personalized medicine (proof of concept, feasibility study, prototype, market studies)

  • Healthcare and Wellness Network for clinical studies, medico-economic evaluations or commercial market studies

  • Large-scale production and industrialization of hardware and software products (supplier management, design optimization)

  • Entrepreneurship, IP management

They support us for the future

Linkednutri has received awards from several organizations for its innovative ideas and technologies.

They create the future with us

Want to join us as a researcher ?

Do you like science and want to apply it to change the world concretely?

Does enhancing the health of thousands of people matters to you ?

Do you want to work for your research and at the same time gain management skills in a dynamic company environment?



Join Linkednutri and impress us with your ambition! 

Apply now to the prestigious MSCA-Individual Fellowship: a 2-years project created by you in a dynamic international research environment in close cooperation with industries.

What we offer:
  • A personal study plan to support your academic/career development within your areas of interest (research project, international conferences, potential collaborations, internal trainings)

  • Annual salary according to MSCA IF program (45000-50000€) and all of Linkednutri’s employee benefits (travel reimbursement, insurance, etc.)

  • Extensible permanent position (CDI contract) after the IF program (2 years contract) depending on your involvement and will to pursue the adventure with Linkednutri

Who can apply:
  • Ph.D in science, or at least 4 years of full time research experience

  • Good knowledge in one of the following scientific fields: Microfluidics / Robotics / Biochemistry/Big Data / IOT /Medical Nutrition /clinical trials or related area

  • Not having lived in France more than 36 months in the last 5 years.

When to start:
  • Contact Linkednutri to set up the project : June 2019

  • Application deadline: September 2019

  • Evaluation result: February 2019

  • Project beginning: March 2019 – March 2020


Want an SME in your consortium ?

Why Linkednutri?
  • Unique multidisciplinary partner: Linkednutri is the first company who is interest in a such a combinatorial research integrating technologies from different fields. Depending on the ecosystem of these scientific fields (experts, partners, facilities, markets), we can easily find support to accelerate your research project.

  • Technical transfer and evaluation: Facilitating the transfer of specific scientific innovations from research laboratories to the society and its evaluation in public daily life are highly accommodated by national and European funding programs. Being a SME with competence of IP management and industrialization, Linkednutri meets perfectly this goal through by taking care of the market implementation. 

  • Final products at disposition for clinical trails: Our innovative capabilities in digitalized health data can streamline your patient follow up. Our patented connected dispensing technology is adapted for medical use, which may serve for specific clinical trails in medical evaluations. Our engineering team is always at yourdisposal to meet your research requirements.



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